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Brandsinger Positions is a quarterly publication that provides research, insight, commentary, and predictions on business, markets and society, paying special attention to the human dimensions of organizations and markets.


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Latest Issue: Q1 2017

  • Brexit’s Bottom Line For Brands: Fostering Familiarity is Key to Avoiding Disruption
  • The Search for Meaning in an Age of Automation
  • Brandsinger Research: Perceived Quality and Utility Trumps Emotional Appeal
  • Lessons from Drucker: Attention to Humanity Makes Management More Effective
  • Book Review: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind 

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Thoughts & News

Breaking Down the Barrier Between Brand and Culture

At Brandsinger, we believe that both brand and culture should be rooted in an organization’s identity—a belief about who it is and why it exists that emerges from the convictions, capabilities and concerns of the people for whom the organization exists, e.g. management, employees, customers...

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Our Approach Versus Design Thinking

We’re sometimes asked how our methods differ from design thinking-based approaches like those practiced by innovation firms such as IDEO, Continuum and Frog. We certainly share a common premise with these firms in our belief that the best business decisions and strategies are rooted in...

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7 Trends We’re Tracking in 2017

The concept of "The New Year" is important. Beyond simply representing another successful orbit around the sun, the New Year helps us order and structure our world. It helps us demarcate the past from the present and the future, and provides an impetus to celebrate,...

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