Remington Tonar

Partner and COO

An accomplished consultant and thinker, Remington brings analytical rigor and a breadth of expertise that spans several disciplines, including technology, M&A and Venture Capital, sociology, anthropology, economics, and political science. At Brandsinger, he specializes in innovation, change management, M&A and startup strategy, digital transformation and market research.


Remington serves as an advisor to dozens of strategic acquirers and startups in industries ranging from software to food and beverage to energy. He has advised incumbent companies in turbulent sectors like oil and gas on their M&A and innovation strategies and has helped a number of startups get acquired or become dominant players their markets. He is currently the firm’s liaison to Confecta Capital, the Brandsinger’s sister company that specializes in private capital and private M&A advisory. He also mentors at Station Houston, Houston’s largest startup platform, and sits on the boards of a number of early stage companies and investment ventures.


Previously, Remington led client engagements at Siegelvision, a NYC-based brand strategy and experience consultancy, and served as the firm’s resident innovation and digital transformation expert. His Siegelvision clients included National Geographic, AeroVironment, University Hospitals, NPR, Sonifi, and MIT Sloan. He has served as a business consultant to emerging technology companies, helping them identify opportunities, gauge product-market fit and evolve their business models. He also worked in marketing and product development at Teliris, a global collaboration technology manufacturer, where he helped position the company for acquisition by Dimension Data. Earlier in his career, he spent a brief period as in IT and operations consulting in the food and restaurant industries and served as a digital strategy advisor to numerous national and local political organizations.


Remington holds an MS from New York University, an MA from Loyola University Chicago, and a BA from Marquette University. He is currently completing his PhD dissertation on the faith in and fear of technology and its impact on social and economic behavior.