Our Practice Areas

Market & Audience Research

  • Quantify and qualify market opportunities and threats
  • Discover audience demographics and psychographics
  • Analyze competitor activities and strategies
  • Identify critical trends and potential disruptors
  • Conduct ethnographic studies and focus groups


Brand & Communications Strategy

  • Position corporate and product brands
  • Assess brand valuation
  • Design customer experiences
  • Rethink brand architecture
  • Build and execute crisis response plans
  • Create marketing and communications programs


Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement

  • Identify cultural issues and assess employee engagement
  • Develop cultural integration strategies post M&A
  • Find creative ways to break down silos and foster collaboration
  • Create a more anthropocentric employee experience
  • Develop and execute employee engagement plans

Innovation & Change Management

  • Identify new opportunities in existing and new markets
  • Rethink revenue models given the competitive landscape
  • Conceptualize new business models, products and services
  • Create and execute digital transformation plans
  • Design systems and processes to motivate and facilitate change


M&A Strategy & Integration

  • Develop buy-side acquisition strategies
  • Design Corporate Venture Capital strategies
  • Package and prepare companies and brands for sale
  • Post-merger financial, operational and cultural integration
  • Strategic M&A target identification and negotiation

Our Approach

Research & Discovery

Your convictions, culture, capabilities, customers, competitors and challenges are all key data points for our analysis.

Strategies & Ideas

We mine our research findings and tap our insights for viable concepts—the bolder the better in this environment.

Actions & Behaviors

We help clients turn ideas into action, believing that it's not only what you think and say, but what you do that defines you.

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