Brand Strategy

Branding in an upside down world

A spreading disease has turned one set of norms into another. Rather than engage people, as we’ve been urged to do all our lives, we now have to stay away from each other. Rather than fear the seasonal flu, we now hope that’s all we have. Instead of being wary of a masked face, we now shrink from an uncovered mouth. And what about brands? Has brand marketing changed?...

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Airlines Under Fire: Reasserting the Miracle of Air Travel

It’s all the rage—bashing airlines for treating people like cattle. The media crackle with accounts of hours stuck on the tarmac, rude attendants and onboard fistfights. Of course, being beaten up and dragged off a plane is rightfully condemned as deplorable customer service. But let’s be frank: moving people thousands of miles in mere hours is nothing less than miraculous....

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