Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Work: 2025AD’s Interview With Remington Tonar

Brandsinger Partner Remington Tonar was recently interviewed by 2025AD, a news site sponsored by Continental AG that’s dedicated to autonomous vehicles.




As a partner at Brandsinger, Remington Tonar’s main line of work is as an innovation consultant. He helps companies of all sizes to think in new ways about their business. Often that means evolving their cultures to embrace innovation. “Because if the culture of the companies doesn’t support innovation, they’re ultimately going to fail,” says Remington.


2025AD: How and when did you start thinking about autonomous vehicles and their effect on work as we know it?


Remington Tonar: In my work with clients I’ve started noticing that the conversation around next generation transformative technologies like autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence tends to focus on the technology rather than its potential impact on individuals and social institutions. Ignoring the people in organizations like governments and businesses – is potentially costly and even dangerous. That’s why I’ve made it a point to talk more about these issues.


2025AD: Share with us your vision of “working from car”.


Remington Tonar: Firstly, if we get to Level 5 autonomy and we still have cars that look just like they do today then I think we will have missed a huge opportunity and failed ourselves and society! I envision a model whereby purpose built mobile platforms serve as fully functional workspaces. Employees can work at peak productivity and even collaborate, hold meetings and conference calls, all while going from place to place.


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